RRSP contribution limits for Canadians continue to increase every year. Your allowable contribution is 18% of your income from the previous year to a maximum of $27,830 for 2019. You may also be able to tap into any unused contribution you have carried forward from previous tax years. That allowable contribution is deducted from your gross taxable income for the year and you may end up with a tax refund (which many recommend putting right back into your RRSP for next year or even a portion into your TFSA). This makes an RRSP an ideal first choice for savings especially for high-income earners.

On the other hand, an RRSP only defers payment of income tax until your retirement years and forced annual withdrawal amounts after age 71 may reduce government old age benefits. Those with a rich pension plan, working in retirement or major sources of alternative income may want to consider additional savings options such as a TFSA, in consultation with a financial advisor.

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